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    Skin Care Basics for Fighting Acne

    Nowadays, there are many ways available for fighting acne. There are big name products. There are medical and plastic surgery procedures you can do. You can also visit the spa regularly. The reality, though, is that you’ve got to stop buying into the hype if what you really want is skin that’s clean and clear. Basic skin care methods are what will effectively keep acne at bay. Below are a few basic skin care methods you can start using today to prevent and treat acne.

    Avoid touching your face. This is actually hard to do. You believe that it isn’t all that often that you touch your face, but believe it or not, you do it often. Have you counted the times you’ve got your face resting on your hand? Check out for more information about dermabrasion if your acne is already out of control.

    What about when your hair gets in your face and you try to brush it away with your hands? How many times do you scratch at itchy skin? Every time you touch your face you transport bacteria and germs from whatever you were touching before to the pores on your face. Not just that, you’re transferring the oil on your hands to your face as well. This leads to clogs, which lead to acne. So keep your hands away from your face!

    Take care of the skin on the other parts of your body. Your face isn’t just where acne can come up. You’ve likely had pimples on your back before. When you’re washing, go for a body wash that’s gentle and non-abrasive. Pick lightweight clothes to wear so your skin can breathe. Cotton and similar soft fabrics are better for your skin. Avoid wearing flannel, wool, and other rough fabric if possible.

    acne dermabrasion treatmentNothing can beat a diet that’s healthy. A diet that’s balanced and nutritious is effective in keeping your body in good health. When your body is healthy your skin is healthy. Pimples are a lot less likely to come up if your skin is healthy. So it’s better if you stick to eating healthy food and forget about junk foods. Your skin will thank you for it!

    There are many things involved in keeping a healthy and acne free skin. As a matter of fact, we have shared a few of those today.

    But you need to do your own research as well if you want to learn more ways. Bear in mind that when it comes to acne fighting products, the more hype there is, the less effective it actually is.

    Simple and Effective Home Remedies For Acne

    There are many treatments for acne, and they range from over-the-counter to prescription medications. However, if you are looking for an effective but inexpensive way to treat your acne, there are a lot of home remedies you can try. Many of them consist of things you would likely have in your home already. So if you’re interested in home remedies for acne that are effective, we’ll share with you a few of those in this article.

    You may have heard of people using healing types of clay on their faces for various purposes. Spas are usually where these clay facial treatments are done but you can easily do these at home yourself. Bentonite and French green clay are known for their effectiveness in clearing up acne.

    Health food stores and online stores carry these. They can be used anytime, but they’re particularly helpful if you have acne. Once or twice a week, you can use healing clay as a facial mask. You’ll soon see your skin looking better. Healing clay facial masks can reduce your pimples as well as make your skin younger looking.

    One excellent skin treatment is exfoliation, as it can help keep acne under control. Dead skin cells are removed and your skin is then able to breathe. Acne can also be caused by to much oil in the skin and exfoliating removes excess oil as well. But avoid being too harsh on your skin when you are exfoliating. If you already have acne, you don’t want to scrub the skin too roughly, as this can cause further inflammation. Using a facial scrub once or twice per week is sufficient. While you can use a bristle brush on other parts of your body, this will probably be too harsh if you have acne. A warm washcloth would be fine to use on your face. If done gently and not too frequently, exfoliation can help treat acne.

    Common ingredients are often used in some of the most effective home remedies for acne. Eggs are one of those ingredients. If you want to use eggs to treat acne, the egg white is the one you’ll want to use. Eggs are very nutritious, and egg whites can cleanse and purify your skin when you apply them on your skin directly.

    You can use eggs as one of the ingredients in homemade facial masks. However, the simplest way is to rub egg whites on the pimples or acne scars. The egg whites will be able to heal acne scarring, as well as avert future acne breakouts. Try using some of these natural remedies and it’s possible that one of them will be able to help you get your acne under control.

    Acne can be stubborn, so don’t expect your acne problem to go away overnight. However, quite a few people have found that remedies such as tea tree oil work quite quickly. Aside from any remedies that you use, it also helps to eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep so your body is better able to maintain itself in a balanced way.

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